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How Almacontact reduced its losses due to fraud to 0% thanks to Nukke

Summary of interview with Lina Maria Cordoba, Training and Quality Manager of Almacontact, in follow-up to its operations in 2021

Almacontact is a Contact Center and BPO company of the Italian group Almaviva IT, leaders in Contact Center activity management and technological innovation. Its mission is to offer solutions for the efficient, flexible and effective management of customer service processes, from planning to operational processes, using innovative technologies capable of guaranteeing excellence in the customer experience.

With more than 1,500 employees at its headquarters in Bogotá and Medellín, and in operation since 2015, it has the attention of an important portfolio of companies from the United States, Europe and Latin America, providing services based on its own technology focused on people, Focused on a multi-channel customer experience strategy.

On this occasion, we spoke with Lina Maria Cordoba, Training and Quality Manager, about the challenges they have faced and how Nukke has supported them in the process.

In this sector, the challenges are innumerable, from the coordination of an entire multifunctional team, to the protection and monitoring of the devices that are used daily. These challenges take on a greater magnitude in the current context of the global pandemic and teleworking. We spoke with Wilffin Valdés, General Manager of Almacontact who tells us how Nukke has helped to cope and overcome these adversities.

What were the main challenges and challenges faced, both in operational processes and in team management that you presented?

At Almacontact we needed to monitor and control the productive time of our agents. In addition to facing a large gap that we accrue in terms of fraud, where we require an optimal mechanism to audit and detect any type of transactional information handling that was being made wrong in our more than 500 operating agents.

In addition to this, we had to face the change caused by the pandemic of moving our operations to the Home Office work scheme with our agents, which led to increasing the gaps by having to require remote control and monitoring of efficiency, productivity and security of all our operations.

What changes did the addition of Nukke services allow you to implement in your environments?

When Nukke arrives and provides us with its solutions, the monitoring capacity that supervisors can now do is expanded, with the information provided by the boards, how to determine, report or how to monitor the productive time of their agents online and take prompt action based on it.

And what results did you get with the incorporation of these solutions?

In terms of security, the strength of having a tool that immediately alerts attempts to carry out transactions with sensitive data, already monitored by anti-fraud, which informs the agent and reports to supervisors for their control; this has guaranteed since Nukke’s implementation of 0% registered financial losses due to fraud in all its operations.

In 3 key points, how would you summarize the main accrued results?

  1. Visibility and complete control of the productive time of our agents.
  2. 0% reduction in the generation of fraud in operations.
  3. Implementation of successful audits of our operations with new clients.

It is a pleasure to work with the Almacontact team, and to see first-hand how the work we do together has evolved in order to optimize your processes and operations that lead to successful results.

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