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Are you looking to streamline the management of your organization’s growing inventory of mobile devices? With exponential growth in the number of devices used in businesses, keeping track of everything can be daunting. That’s where Nukke’s Admin Services comes in.

Our platform allows you to securely manage your mobile devices from anywhere while also providing support to end users in the field. Say goodbye to the headaches of mobile device management and hello to the peace of mind that comes with Nukke.

The inventory of devices in organizations is growing at exponential rates and with this the management of mobile devices becomes more challenging (Phones, Tablets, Handhelds, etc.). Nukke, through Admin Services, allows you to manage the same
from anywhere securely, in addition to supporting end users
who are in the field developing the activities.

Technological growth means growth in personnel, resources and security

In a world increasingly directed towards the virtual environment, we must be able to know and manage the activities of our work team no matter where they are. Nukke Pro Service Management its collaborators, focusing on productivity solutions and minimizing losses.

In today’s fast changing technological landscape, businesses must adapt and grow. Companies must prioritize their security as they expand their resources and personnel. At Nukke, we understand the challenges of managing a dispersed workforce, so we offer Pro Service Management solutions.

Our platform empowers you to effectively manage your team, no matter where they are located, allowing you to streamline workflows and maximize productivity. By minimizing losses and optimizing your resources, you can focus on confidently growing your business. Nukke Pro Service Management is your key to success in the virtual world.

In today’s businesses, the security of sensitive information is more critical than ever. Your work team likely handles large amounts of confidential data that must always be protected. That’s where Nukke comes in. Our Persistent Control service allows you to manage your devices securely from anywhere, giving you peace of mind that your information is always protected.

Not only that, but our risk evaluation system allows you to identify potential weak points in your security and take proactive measures to contain any threats. With Nukke’s Persistent Control service, you can rest assured that your sensitive information is safe and secure.

Work teams house large amounts of sensitive information that must be
be protected at all times, Nukke, through Persistent Control, allows you to
manage devices from anywhere securely, in addition to the evaluation of
risks allows you to make possible weak points visible and apply opportune containment measures.

NUKKE TALK is a cloud-based chat platform. Communicate quickly with your entire work team in an easy and efficient way, chat safely and have
Full control of your data and privacy. Find the best place to send direct messages in private channels.

Introducing NUKKE TALK, the innovative cloud-based chat platform designed to revolutionize your team’s communication. With our state-of-the-art platform, you can quickly and efficiently connect with your entire work team, ensuring seamless collaboration and increased productivity.

At NUKKE TALK, we take your privacy seriously. Our platform offers the highest level of security, ensuring that all your chats are safe and fully under your control. You can rest assured that your data and personal information will never be compromised.

Nukke Admin

As a business owner, the threat of cyberattacks looms large. From phishing to ransomware attacks, businesses of all sizes are at risk of costly issues, compromised systems, stolen data, and prolonged downtime.

At Nukke Security, we understand the importance of protecting your business from these threats. That’s why we’ve developed a complete endpoint security solution that’s designed with simplicity in mind.

Large, small, and medium-sized businesses are vulnerable to cyberattacks, including phishing and ransomware, leading to costly issues and compromised systems, stolen data, and prolonged downtime. Nukke Security is a complete endpoint security solution built with simplicity in mind.

It is a simple and intuitive Cloud tool that enables functions of supervision, location, analysis and control over activities for the educational sector that facilitates the control of Internet browsing by students. The teacher will have full control of the navigation of each student and the use of the device through
immediate actions.

Introducing our cutting-edge cloud-based tool designed specifically for the educational sector – the ultimate solution for streamlined supervision, analysis, and control over student activities.

Our intuitive platform enables you to easily track and locate student devices, while providing powerful analysis and control features to ensure optimal performance. With our innovative tool, you can easily monitor student internet browsing and ensure that they are engaged in productive activities.

Our tool helps to eliminate bottlenecks by highlighting actions that can be resolved with a single click, streamlining the request management process and ensuring optimal efficiency. With our intuitive platform, agents can easily organize their work and stay on top of their tasks, allowing them to provide the best possible service to customers.

At the heart of our platform is a focus on simplicity and ease of use. Our tool is designed to help agents work smarter, not harder, allowing them to manage requests more effectively and with greater ease. With our innovative solution, agents can take control of their workload and provide exceptional service to customers.

It provides agents with a tool that helps them with better request management and allows them to focus on what is most important, organizing work based on
of priority, SLA and urgency, helping to avoid bottlenecks by highlighting actions that can be resolved with a single click.