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Is teleworking more productive? Summary of our Webinar where we address the challenges and solutions for Contact Centers

Last March 2021, the Webinar “Contact Centers in Teleworking Times: Challenges and Solutions” was held, in which we had the participation of Sebastián Bejarano, our Sales Director as a speaker, in the company of Andrés Tautiva our CEO, providing us with an overview of the challenges and solutions to problems in remote environments of Contact Centers today.

In turn, we have the assistance as special guests of experts from the Human Resources area and the Contact Centers sector such as Blanya Cristina Correal Sarmiento from D&M and Jaime Andres Garcia Villalba from Almacontact respectively, sharing their successful experiences for the optimal management of Solution mechanisms to increase productivity and performance in Contact Center organizations and their work teams.

With more than 22 leaders from the Contact Center and BPO sector in Latin America attending the session, in this 1-hour digital space we talked about how to make operations carried out remotely in environments profitable, how to make work schemes more flexible while continuing to promote the performance of the agents, how to make decisions based on data and statistics, among other aspects of interest for the operational management of the sector.

Here is a brief summary of the outcome of this meeting:


Industry Insights

From the beginning of our session, we share the insights that from the scope of Nukke and in attention to our clients we are aware of the sector and how to address them in their work environments:

What challenges are present and how to address them?

  1. How to increase productivity indicators?
        • The focus of the advisers must be guaranteed.
        • Optimize working hours.
  2. How to increase income?. 
        • Increase the billing units in each operation.
        • Reduction of face-to-face operation costs.
  3. How to give a better service experience?
        • Minimize the risk of penalties.
        • Generate management reports of the resources assigned to the client.

How to face the challenges and suggestions for improvement?

  1. To manage productivity indicators:
        • Have an effective monitoring and control solution/service.
  2. For the increase in income:
        • Socialize the billing units of the operations
        • Improve the EBITDA of the organization.
  3. To provide a better service experience:
        • Improvement of service levels agreed with customers.
        • Provide security to customers regarding the handling of their information.

Event Highlights

Discover below some fragments of the event and topics of interest discussed with our special guests:

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What our attendees shared with us

In interaction with our attendees, we listen to their points of view and pay attention to their concerns in the session:

  • Our webinar attendees say the biggest challenge they face in their contact center environment is poor visibility into employee productivity time.
  • In turn, our attendees considering that productivity indicators are the most necessary elements to measure and control in your operations.

Similarly, for the leaders in the Contact Centers and BPO sector who attended our Webinar,the main reason that drives them to manage the productivity of operations in their organizations is to make work schedules more flexible. and that their organizations easily adapt to the different current work environments.


Data and Indicators by Nukke

Thanks to the testimonials of our clients in Contact Center and BPO, we provide these data and improvement indicators that have been evidenced in clients in the productivity of their operations by taking the optimization actions shared in this session.

Do you want more information?

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